The Magician's Hat

This is the story of an unlikely author. Malcolm Mitchell made it to the University of Georgia with a problem that he knew he needed to address. He could only read at a junior high level. While at a Barnes & Noble book store he struck up a conversation with a woman who talked about how much she enjoyed her book club. Malcolm asked if he could join her book club and he has been hooked ever since. A 20 year old football player made himself right at home with the group of 40 to 50 year old women in the book club. In 2015 Malcolm published a children’s book titled ‘The Magician’s Hat’. He promotes children’s literacy. And over the weekend he had 6 catches in the Super Bowl. A good story about what you can achieve.
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Good luck finding it for sale. I’m sure the book is in high demand after the CBS story.

Mary Tyler Moore

PBS did this special on Mary Tyler Moore in 2015. The entire thing is good, she worked with some phenomenal people. At 13:30 it tells a story about Lucille Ball sneaking on the set of the Dick Van Dyke show. She watched from the rafters until she got caught one day, she couldn't stop laughing and everybody looked up. RIP funny lady. 

Book Cover Help Round 2

Based on polling results I was able to narrow down my choices for a book cover. I would like to thank all of those who contributed to the project. Sure, I had to weed through comments such as “I love them all” to “they all suck get your money back”. Those outlier comments were taken into consideration, but ultimately dismissed. The cover with the white doors was the overwhelming winner. There were suggestions of how to improve it. I shared this information with the publisher and got back 4 new covers to choose from. Two were utterly ridiculous, but two were viable options.

So for round 2, which cover? White doors or black door? And what would you change? Since it will be a series I plan on having something like this down around my name: “Book 1 of The Next series”

Rebecca's Write Inspirations: NEW Dramatic Sci-Fi Thriller

Rebecca's Write Inspirations: NEW Dramatic Sci-Fi Thriller: FAVORITE Guest Author and new to the self-publishing world,  Mike Miracle, is ready to shake up your world  with a dramatic Sci-fi T...

The Next Book Trailer 2

The Next. Book trailer 2.

Book Cover Input Needed

So I'm at the point in my book publishing process where I need to pick a cover. Now is your chance to be a part of the process. You can say "I helped pick out that book cover". Please make suggestions too. I plan on changing the fonts, maybe the scope color or the doors... A little about the book: The Next. It’s Sci Fi, with maybe action/drama/thriller in the blender too. One character lies in wait to seek revenge for his wife’s accidental death. Something goes wrong, or right depending on your perspective. The Sci Fi part is an alternate version of the afterlife called The Next. Where the newly arrived clients find out that they have a choice of what happens to them. They can move on, go back to their previous life or let chance decide.

Lord Vader vs The Annoying Elf

Maybe he'll cut his right hand off???