Cover Reveal and Launch Date

The Next will be available at all major online booksellers on Tuesday 05/23/2017. Amazon, B&N, itunes and yes GoRead. I’m very excited to share my tale of revenge and Sci Fi with the rest of the world. Thanks to all. Here’s a preview with page 1. I hope you’ll want to continue to see what happens Next… Chapter 1
Cold does not describe weather that fateful night in December.
It was the time of the year that puts a chill deep in your bones after
the sun goes down. As Malcolm Fisk sat in that frigid hiding place
while hunting, the weight of the situation and circumstances grew
He wasn’t hunting a deer or any other beast that men usually lay
in wait for in the cold of winter. He was waiting, watching for what
he considered to be the most reprehensible being on the planet. This
bastard, this evil that used to be his friend and business partner.
Malcolm glanced around while pulling his scarf closer to his
neck, and tightening his coat to shield him from the blistering wind.
There was a coy…

And Then The Murders Began

At the beginning of March, author Marc Laidlaw put out a tweet that read “The first line of almost any story can be improved by making sure the second line is -And then the murders began-”
This is a very intriguing idea, and I challenge everyone to open up the nearest book and give it a try. “Even before the events in the supermarket, Jim Ironheart should have known trouble was coming.” And then the murders began.
That may not be too big of a stretch for a Dean Koontz book. That was the first line from Cold Fire. Let’s see how that new line will affect some other books.
“Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a little house in the woods.” And then the murders began. You know what, I think that really livens up that story. I heard that second line and said woo, wait a minute. That’s different, tell me more about these killer bears.  
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” And then the murders be…

Revenge on United Airlines

Hating airlines isn’t a new thing, but it’s definitely popular right now. But first a funny story. My wife bought a new water feature for the back patio. It was cool looking, I liked it, but it was missing something. The pipes, the water… Ahh, now I get it. It’s missing Mario. Yes, I went out and spent $3.00 on a Mario figurine for a gag picture. How much would you spend?
This revenge story hits close to home for me. No I’ve never been part of a Canadian folk-pop group, mostly because nobody ever asked me to. I own a Taylor acoustic guitar that’s featured/broken in this story of revenge. In 2008 the Canadian group Sons of Maxwell discovered that one of their guitars was broken after flying the friendly skies of United Airlines. They denied any responsibility, and ignored his phone calls. The guitarist, Dave Carrol got his revenge by recording a trilogy of songs titled “United Breaks Guitars”. Uploaded them to the interweb and got over 4 million views. I think that’s worth $2 in Ca…

The Magician's Hat

This is the story of an unlikely author. Malcolm Mitchell made it to the University of Georgia with a problem that he knew he needed to address. He could only read at a junior high level. While at a Barnes & Noble book store he struck up a conversation with a woman who talked about how much she enjoyed her book club. Malcolm asked if he could join her book club and he has been hooked ever since. A 20 year old football player made himself right at home with the group of 40 to 50 year old women in the book club. In 2015 Malcolm published a children’s book titled ‘The Magician’s Hat’. He promotes children’s literacy. And over the weekend he had 6 catches in the Super Bowl. A good story about what you can achieve.
CBS Story
Book On Goodreads

Good luck finding it for sale. I’m sure the book is in high demand after the CBS story.

Mary Tyler Moore

PBS did this special on Mary Tyler Moore in 2015. The entire thing is good, she worked with some phenomenal people. At 13:30 it tells a story about Lucille Ball sneaking on the set of the Dick Van Dyke show. She watched from the rafters until she got caught one day, she couldn't stop laughing and everybody looked up. RIP funny lady. 

Book Cover Help Round 2

Based on polling results I was able to narrow down my choices for a book cover. I would like to thank all of those who contributed to the project. Sure, I had to weed through comments such as “I love them all” to “they all suck get your money back”. Those outlier comments were taken into consideration, but ultimately dismissed. The cover with the white doors was the overwhelming winner. There were suggestions of how to improve it. I shared this information with the publisher and got back 4 new covers to choose from. Two were utterly ridiculous, but two were viable options.

So for round 2, which cover? White doors or black door? And what would you change? Since it will be a series I plan on having something like this down around my name: “Book 1 of The Next series”